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We had Jorge and The Construction Guys come in and put in our kitchen backsplash tile. They were wonderful, efficient and super clean. The back splash looks great and professional and both of the installers were quiet, polite, and professional. I am for sure going to hire them again for our next project.

Thank you Jorge!



Jorge and his crew worked so hard day in and day out to get our house ready to live in. They replaced all the floors, baseboards and roof, they repainted the entire house in 10 days they even worked over the weekend and around our moving guys to accommodate us.

They were all around wonderful and we absolutely love our new house and the work that they did for us.


We are so pleased with the work Jorge and his team did! We actually booked with Jorge halfway through our bathroom reno, after our first contractor didn’t work out. Jorge came out right away to give us a quote, was very pleasant and easy to deal with, always took the time to explain what he was going to do before he did it, finished the job on time, and was always good about cleaning up at the end of the day. I would highly recommend Jorge and his team!

The fireplace is absolutely beautiful! We appreciated all of Jorge’s suggestions and he was always able to deliver what we had envisioned. He kept to the budget and timeline and again, was a pleasure to work with! I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Jorge and his team again!

Thank You!!!!


We have used the Construction Guys for 2 renovations, most recently our Bathroom renovation.

We found them to be trustworthy, helpful and accommodating, regarding every aspect of the renovation. They made the process very easy letting us know what to expect step by step from start to finish. We have a lovely bathroom at a cost that was affordable. We will

definitively use them for our future projects.


This was a really great experience. Jorge showed up on time, answered all my questions before the renovation (I was pretty nervous). We went shopping for materials beforehand and the whole thing went really smoothly. He answered any questions I had regarding material quality with great expertise. On the day of renovations, he showed up and got straight to it. I was able to leave him to work and he took care of organizing elevators and everything else on his own. I’ve had contractors in the past who really needed constant handholding to navigate renovations in a condo, and Jorge was NOT like that. The project stayed on time and on budget perfectly. The work he did was beautiful. The tile work is straight, and clean. There was a lot of dust after the renovation, but that’s to be expected and he put in good effort to clean it! To be fair, a lot of what was left was stuff that settled a day or two after he was done and gone. I have 2 more bathrooms to renovate and he will definitely be my go-to guy because quality like this is hard to come by. Additionally, he’s really personable and nice which is an awesome bonus. I haven’t had a chance to use the shower yet, but I have full confidence it will work beautifully based on my experience so far.

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